Bespoke flowers grown between the briars near Glanmire, County Cork, Ireland

the farm

Our small sustainable flower farm is situated among the rolling hills and hedgerows. On our small plot we aim to grow a varied variety of seasonal blooms and foliages. We use homemade nettle and seaweed tea for fertilizer, make our own compost from plant trimmings and use no chemical sprays or pesticides.

What we grow

This year we have planted flower crops of: snapdragons, cosmos, calendula, rudbeckia, dahlias, zinnias sunflowers, cornflower, roses, nicotina, larkspur, alliums, daffodils, nigella, anemones and lots and lots of sweetpeas.

Our foliage crops this year are: buplureum, cerinthe, queen annes lace, bells of ireland, poppy seed heads, dill, hares tail grass, fountain grasses, scented geranium, purple basil, beech and honeysuckle.

We also love combining wild foliages and flowers into our arrangements. Bringing the coutryside, where our flowers grow, to every vase.

Seasonal availability varies from June through October. See below for info on our flower offerings and market bouquets.

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About us

Why buy local?

When buying our locally grown seasonal bouquets you are supporting the environment on many levels.

Just like food crops, the flower industry has a massive impact on the global environment. Our flowers have:

  • No air miles and a low carbon footprint.
  • No pesticides or chemical preservatives
  • Increased biodiversity = a happier ecosystem
  • Food for bees and other pollinators

Some added benefits to locally grown flowers:

  • You get fresher flowers, often picked within hours of purchase. Commercial flowers are often harvested a week before they even reach the customer.
  • Your hard earned money stays in your community
  • Wider choice of flowers on offer -blooms that don’t like being shipped are available from local flower farms
  • Growing with the seasons means ever changing bouquets
  • Every flower farm grows different types flowers.
Helping the planet one bloom at a time.


bouquet subscription


Support our local flower farm

Pre order fresh, farm grown flowers for your home or a friend!

4 weeks per membership (4 bouquets)

Weekly and Bi-Weekly delivery available for the months of June, July & August

€80 per membership, delivery to Cork City area Mondays & Fridays

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custom work

We offer custom flower work, provide one-off deliveries for occasions and supply bouquets for businesses to the Cork City surrounding area.

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market bouquets


Our Stockists

Fresh cut flower bouquets available in Cork City.


The Olive Stall, English Market, Cork City- May to October

Crawford & Co, Angelsea Street, Cork City – May to October

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