why buy local?

When buying our locally grown seasonal bouquets you are supporting the environment on many levels.

Just like food crops, the flower industry has a massive impact on the global environment. Locally grown flowers have:

  • No air miles and a low carbon footprint.
  • Fewer to no pesticides or chemical preservatives
  • Increased biodiversity = a happier ecosystem
  • Food for bees and other pollinators

Some added benefits to locally grown flowers:

  • You get fresher flowers, often picked within hours of purchase. Commercial flowers are often harvested a week before they even reach the customer.
  • Your hard earned money stays in your community
  • Wider choice of flowers on offer -blooms that don’t like being shipped are available from local flower farms
  • Growing with the seasons means ever changing bouquets
  • Each flower farm grows different types flowers.
Helping the planet one bloom at a time.

Cafe au lait dahlia grown on the flower farm in glanmire cork ireland.