about us

Taylor Nelsen

Seattle native, has been a Life long gardener since his first veg patch when he was 10 years old.

Being in the catering business for the past 16 years as a baker and pastry chef, flowers always play a substantial part in the industry, from decorative garnishes to gracing tables at events and restaurants. The ‘How’ and ‘Where’ flowers are grown are often overlooked or disregarded.

Recently being introduced to flower farming by local Irish growers and Floret Farm in the Pacific Northwest. The impact the international flower industry played on the environment became increasingly evident. Urgency fueled a passion to trial flowers as a sustainable agriculture model in county cork, Ireland.

Mr. Sweet Pea

Tending the sweet pea crops in the summer (Tying and deaheading our trellises is a daily affair!). Late in the season he brews homemade pest repellant from garlic and neem oil to keep the green flies at bay.

Luna, Bunny Patrol

Always watching….